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CASE of the Killer Robot

No description

Musti Matsu

on 27 March 2016

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Transcript of CASE of the Killer Robot

Kallman and Grillo Tests
Sam Reynolds - The PM of Robbie CX30
Mom : would you tell your mother?

TV : would you tell your story on national TV
Emil Zahariev, Mark Harrison, MK, Vamsi Chakka
What happened, the events unfolded
Randy Samuels incorrectly programs robot by negligently misinterpreting physics formula
Case of the Killer Robot:
Programmer charged with manslaughter
Cynthia Yardley - The Software Tester
Conspired with Johnson to manipulate the software testing results
Exposed by "Martha" after a report was published showing discrepancies in test results and final code
Who was ultimately responsible?
Internal conflict at Silicon Techtronics
Robbie CX30 project would impact continuation of robotics division
Johnson and Reynolds conflicted due to different ideologies for project completion

Ensuring proper planning is in place for all cycles of the development process to prevent project creep and have safeguards to migitate

Allocation of non qualified personnel to essential parts of the development process, possibly impacting project integrity

Buggy code not being resolved early in the development process, which could increase costs and time

What risks would we have accounted for?
The other key individuals
Michael Waterson - President and CEO of Silicon Techtronics

Ray Johnson - Robotics Division Chief at Silicon Techtronics

Sam Reynolds - Project Manager CX30 Project

Cynthia Yardley - Software Tester
Samuels is currently under indictment following proof of his negligence
Silicon Techtronics Inc. robot malfunctions killing robot operator in the process
Randy Samuels - Indicted Programmer
Psychological impact on software development according to software psychology professor.

Prima Donna Samuels
Task Oriented but negatively influenced by his ego
Developing and checking specifications (-)
Lacked mindset that a software product belongs to the team and not the individual
Plagiarized code
Johnsons's actions:
Hired 20 extra programmers
Cut corners - Ivory Snow theory
Motivated to succeed division was running on loss
Prevent the termination of herself and her coworkers
Advance her career to a managerial position
Ethical Argument:
Johnson's Ivory Snow theory rendered bugs not as important as deadlines
Took an important position where he had no previous experience
Maintained silence on software defect present after testing concluded
Didn't solicit and accept feedback from coworkers more experienced in robot software development
Fired co-worker for disagreeing on methodology
Prevent the termination of the division and himself
Complete the project by the deadline
Ethical Argument:
Misled by Johnson's claim of the robot being safe, a future update would fix any potential issues
All actors share in the outcome of this incident, some more than others.

Samuels - neglected the "what", and "why" in programming, was stubborn and negligent

Johnson - using employees to cut corners, stuck to methodologies he was experienced with

Reynolds - stuck to the waterfall method, didn't incorporate coworker feedback on potentially better methodology

Waterson - didn't hire an appropriate PM for the project, threat of division layoffs resulted in sub-par product

Yardley - manipulated software tests and remained silent
Key take a ways
Programming and Developing Software is a team effort in which the ego of the individual should not be involved. There are no my ideas there are only good ideas, our ideas. The saying "No one truly fights alone" is applied.

Test code before shipping out, make sure it works according to specifications

Don't program a killer robot, that gets caught
Shoe : would you like it if it was done to you?

Market : would your action make a good sale pitch?
Smell : does it smell bad?
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