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Book Review: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Illustrated reviews on the novel Dracula. Includes character analysis, themes, and literary devices.

Lisa Pham

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Book Review: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Tracy Alamos
Lisa Pham
Jessica Hernandez
Kevin Diaz

Literary Devices
"...doors, doors, doors everywhere, and all locked and bolted. In no place save from the windows in the castle walls is there an available exit (Stoker 29)."
“I am beginning to feel this nocturnal existence tell on me. It is destroying my nerve. I start at my own shadow, and am full of all sorts of horrible imaginings (Stoker 45).”
"I tried to kill him for the purpose of strengthening my vital powers by the assimilation with my own body of his life through the medium of his blood – relying, of course, upon the Scriptural phrase, 'For the blood is the life.'" (18.16)
Dramatic Irony
“It amazed me that I had not seen [Count Dracula], since the reflection of the glass covered the whole room behind me (Stoker 36).”
Jessica's Review
Four stars!
It's a great read.
Easy to comprehend.
Pretty intense!
Lisa's Review
4 Stars!
Interesting characters and scenes rich in detail that keeps the reader entertained. This is a great novel and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that loves supernatural horror stories.
Tracy's Review
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be entertained & to those who wouldn't normally read on a regular basis.
4 stars!!!****
Average rating 4!!!
We all recommend this book, it's extremely entertaining and a real nail-biter.
Dracula a novel by Bram Stoker, is one filled with thrill, suspense, and riveting twists and turns. Johnathan Harker, a lawyer travels to Transylvania on business to meet The Count, a secret blood-thirsty vampire. Johnathan has no idea that his innocent trip, will soon become one of survival and attempts to escape the wrath of Dracula.
Dr. Van Helsing is one of the memorable characters of the novel as he is the man that knows everything. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable in medicine, superstition, and religion, he also has other eccentricities that make him interesting such as having an accent due to him being Dutch. He is a member of the crew that later goes to hunt down the Count.
The classic theme of good vs. evil is a major theme in Dracula; the Count representing all things evil while the men fighting to destroy him representing all things good. Although it is quite obvious which side will prevail, the real quest is finding out the cost of winning.
Johnathan Harker is the very first character introduced in the novel. He is a very curious man, but also willing and strong. His quest begins when he travels to Transylvania to settle a real estate deal with The Count, and later becomes his prisoner.
Sexuality is an important theme in Dracula. The book is set during the Victorian Era where it was not okay for women to express their sexuality, much less engage in any kind of sexual activity. Dracula uses his evil and seduction to transform two models of purity and innocence into raving vixens. In the novel we see two women fighting a battle between good and evil, sex and purity.
Kevin's Review
4 stars!!!

Dracula, the Count, is the antagonist of the novel. He has great powers that aid him in sucking the blood of innocent women and children. Dracula's past defines him as a man who failed to gain the power he desired, and he seeks that power in his now damned life.
Christianity is riddled all over the novel. Dracula was seen as the Devil and a cross was used to ward him off. Five characters from the novel unselfishly vowed to get rid of the evil that was haunting London and they did so with the good of their hearts, which relates to what good Christian people should do.
Mina Murray Harker, Johnathan's fiancé and later wife, is a complex character that becomes a unifying force in the story. She is very feminine and is often described as having a "man's brain". She's angelic and pure in nature but after being tainted with the Count's blood, becomes unholy.
Ideals of masculinity and femininity is a constant reoccurring theme in Dracula. According to the time period, men were suppose to be strong and brave while the women were more innocent and submissive. Despite her pure and maternal nature, Mina is both an intelligent and capable woman.
Harker’s words foreshadow the grotesque actions performed by Dracula later in the novel. This adds to the over-all ominous mood.
Imagery of the locked doors and lack of escape routes emphasizes how horrific Harker's situation is and how cunning Dracula is to make sure there are no exits for him to escape into.
Blood is a vital component of a vampire novel but what it symbolizes is a mystery. Here, it is revealed by Renfield that blood represents the life of the person and consuming it allows one to gain their "vital powers".
Stoker uses dramatic irony to help enhance the tone and mood of the novel. This is an example of irony because the audience can easily recognize that Dracula is a vampire.
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