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Zombies are not all bad...

Here, we will be learning that zombies are nothing like we expected them to be...

breanna brown

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Zombies are not all bad...

ZOMBIES AREN'T SO BAD What the average person thinks of zombies Why living like a zombie would be better The advantages of being a zombie The disadvantages of being a zombie Don't sweat it The average person thinks poorly of zombies. But have you ever felt as if other people were smarter than you and always have the upper hand? Stagger when you walk? Drool at nonappropriate times? Blankly stare at passerbys hours on end, scaring each and every one of them? Zombies know your pain all too well. Usually when we hear the word zombie, we are sent back to the many horror and scary films
people have used zombies in, such as "Shawn of the Dead", or episodes of "Scooby-Doo" We've even come to stereotype zombies for their uncontrollable habits, such as walking into moving traffic, messing up graveyard ladscaping, and eating our brains. In fact, they have many qualities and skills we should envy. Well, they, for one, have a huge area of opportunity. Simply a school bus, a group of overly naive explorers, or a full country house with the phone lines disconnected and the roads washed out is like us getting a full ride scholarship. Have you ever seen any zombie go down easily? No. You haven't. Burn it.
Threaten it. Throw acid on it. All I can say is you better get the job done
quick, cause they'll just keep comin. Just like Scott Kenemore says, "When a human says "Can I do that?", they usually mean "Is this legal? Will I get in trouble? Is it permitted?"
Zombies, on the other hand, are concerned only with physical logistics. It may wonder "Can I break down this military barrier? Can that fat kid outrun me? Can I get through that doorway with this spear sticking through my chest?
But NEVER:" Will I get in trouble if I break down this door? Will eating that fat kid be in bad taste? Is it a social faux pas to go indoors with a spear driven inside of me?" Unfortunately, being a zombie has it's downsides. Like the fact that even though your still "alive", your constantly rotting away. During a zombies "lifetime", I'd say they're pretty bound to losing a limb or two. Well, they have one (and one only) goal in life. That is to obtain as many human brains possible. Therefor, they are not sidetracked or concentrated on anything else Just don't worry about them. In fact, they just might do some good things for you.
Like if I tried to submit a peice of art into a museum, and the boss, who was formerly your friend, didn't think that was good enough while your arch nemesis submitted something completely pointless and made it. Don't worry my friend. Zombies will handle this situation. They might just get into his office and get his canvaases a little... "messy". Then it's your job to enter THAT into a museum to make some sort of ironic statement about what passes as "art" these days. By breanna Brown and Scott Kennmore
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