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Media Literacy Part 2

5th-8th grade

Nicole Zumpano

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Media Literacy Part 2

Part 2 Understanding Media Literacy Media: the means of communication that reach or influence people widely Quick Look Back... newspaper, tv, radio, movies, books, magazines, billboards, websites, music videos, social media, packaging Examples included: If you are media literate you can read, analyze, evaluate, and produce media effectively Media Literacy Concepts Today Media constructs our culture Media messages affect our thoughts, attitudes, and actions Media uses “persuasion” Media constructs fantasy worlds No one tells the whole story Media messages reflect the values and viewpoints of the media maker Individuals construct their own meanings from media Media messages can be decoded Media messages contain “texts” and “subtexts” Text: usually means “written word” but in media is what you see and/or hear. Can include: written words, spoken words, pictures, graphics, moving images, sounds Text & Subtext Subtext is your interpretation of a piece of media. Its not seen or heard- it’s the meaning we create from our minds. Each person creates subtext based on prior experiences, prior knowledge, opinions, attitudes and values "Got Milk" Ads what the ad is telling us Text -Sheryl Crow holding a guitar and a glass of milk in a room like a hotel -The logo "Got Milk" -The words "rock hard" -Paragraph about milk -Image of Sheryl Crow's album Possible "subtext" -Sheryl Crow drinks milk
-Drinking milk helps her perform better
-Her album is for sale
-If you drink milk you will lose weight
-Beautiful people drink milk
-If you drink milk you will be beautiful and famous like Sheryl Crow Call of Duty: Black Ops Interpreting Text & Subtext in TV ads Possible "subtext"? What "text" did you see? Bring notes next week.... http://goo.gl/EXBMg
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