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Chapter 6: Textures

Angi Yowell

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Textures

Textures: sensations we get by touch Visual textures: sensations taken in visually but interpreted tactilely. did you feel these visually?
If you could touch these, would they just be smooth as paper? Page 151 in the textbook:
"One of the most obvious ways to evoke a response
to texture is the use of actual textures — materials that
already have noticeable textures. Simulated textures In the textbook, page 156, the drawing of the old woman:

"On the arm closest to us, painstaking use of dark and light details makes us 'see' wrinkles in her skin, the larger ridges of her blood vessels and the folds of skin on her knuckles and at the base of her fingers." Page 157, the airstream trailer:

this textural effect was created using an airbrush IMPASTO!
The build up of materials to produce or create a texture. Page 159: Repetition of design elements

"Similar lines or shapes used repeatedly in a design often create a visual illusion of texture." Page 161-163: Type as Texture

"A textural effect results from the repetition of letters even when all are printed the same size, in the same value." Another form of texture
can be achieved as prints of textures from rubbings, transfers, or woodcuts. Erasure: visual texture
may develop when you remove marks in your design. This can sometimes be intentional. Page 169:
Computer Textures Your Assignment:
See My Big Campus for your assignment for this unit.
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