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Environmental Stewardship

Negative Effects of Computers on the Environment

Maira Hassan

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Environmental Stewardship

Negative effect of computer on the environment
Ways to Minimize its Effect:
- Purchase computers and monitors with an energy star label

- Energy star products use less power than other products
- in the long run, it saves money and helps the environment
Ways to Minimize its Effect:
- Take apart the computer and see if you can re-use any parts

- properly dispose of the battery in laptops for example, so that the hazardous chemicals don't leak out
- Computers use about 350 watts in an hour!!

- Household have more than one computers on average, so combined, computers produces A LOT of pollution and heat to the environment
Negative Effect:
- People don’t dispose their computers properly so it often ends up in a landfill. This is called techno-trash.

Negative Effect:
- Computers contain non-biodegradable materials as well as toxic chemicals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury.
Negative Effect:
- These toxic materials/chemicals can leak from the computers to the ground
-This can later seep into waters and contaminate the water. This causes damage to aquatic ecosystems as well as our drinking water.
- Animals who eat aquatic organisms accumulate the toxic substance in them and animals who prey on those animals also accumulate the toxic substance as well.

Ways to Minimize its Effects:
- Dispose computers to a recycling center instead of dumping it with the rest of your garbage

- Expand computer's lifespan and durability by reducing its power usage
- this could be be done by changing the settings to energy saving mode or by lowering the brightness

- Some states have laws regarding the regulation of techno-trash

- Some organizations dedicated to recycling computers such as The Electronic Recycling Association

- Public Works and Government Services Canada launched the Federal Electronic Waste Strategy in 2010 to ensure that the federal government did not contribute to techno-trash/e-waste
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