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Product Placement

No description

Maria Isabel Apel

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Product Placement

General Information
Product Placement

general information
differences in countries

Is the freedom of choice manipulated?

Do unethical product placements influence people in a negative way?

Differences in Countries
a presentation by Valerie Singer, Katja Rheude and Maria Isabel Apel
The United States
Did you notice any Product Placement in our presentation?
Thanks for your attention!

do not need a permission to place products

common type of advertising

generate hundreds of millions of dollars

a huge competitive edge

non-traditional form of advertising
used by companies to promote their products
in movies, television shows or video games
win-win situation for companies and film productions
mostly no explicit reference to the product

The Aim of Product Placement

CSA scrutinize more than 50,000 hours of television program
product placement advertising was illegal
huge fines

eases these restrictions
new audiovisual media law in 2007

basically product placement is forbidden
there are exceptions

finally requirements:
an apolitical attitude
no direct buying requests

each of the European Union's countries is implementing product placement slightly differently

was forbidden prior to 2011
legalized placements in certain programs
no alcohol, baby milk, gambling products, medication or junk food

"PP" icon on-screen

an usual form of advertising
product placement award in 2011
The United Kingdom
Segrave, K. (2004). Reading. North Carolina: Mc Farland & Company

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Creative Placement

product=part of the plot

On Set Placement

product =not necessary
Music Placement

present new/unknown songs&singers
Country/Landside Placement
good for tourism
Corporate Placement

chance for companies (with bad
reputation) to put themselves in a
good light

Visual and Verbal Placement
Generic Placement

brand /logo/product is not shown
only for monopolists
only few effects on the viewer
Types of Product Placement
- Michael Jacobson
“Viewers don´t think about the possibility that they are being advertised.”
to take note of the companies´ products in a decent way

to deliver positive feelings in a non-commercial setting
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