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Cold War ABC Book

No description

Elizabeth Shade

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Cold War ABC Book

B Elizabeth Shade The Cold War ABC Book A America - Democratic. Wanted to stop the
spread of Communism Berlin Airlift- Truman sent food, wood, and coal to keep
West Germany going. C Containment- trying to keep Communism from spreading. D Declaration of Liberated Europe-Stated all people
should be able to choose their own form of government E Eisenhower-President of the U.S. while Soviets were
working on the H-Bomb F Free Enterprise-Private businesses can operate in competition and largely free of state control. G Goals-Truman had goals to stop the spread of Communism H Hydrogen Bomb-Both the U.s. and Russia were
building this powerful explosives I Iron Curtain-divided Europe into East and West J Japan-A country in need of help after they were hit with the atomic bomb from the U.s. K Korea-North Korea and South Korea are fighting each other. L Long Telegram-Stated the U.s. would use economic, military, and diplomatic action to stop communism M McCarran Act- Communists could be imprisoned in case of
emergency N NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This meant that if
one country was attacked, the rest had to join to their aid. O Olympics-China wanted to beat the U.s. to show
how good Communism was. P Potsdam Conference-Major disagreement over the payment of reparations by Germany Q Quarentine-Blockading of Cuba in 1962 R Red Scare-Fear of Communism increased. People were
scared it would spread to America. S Stalin-Leader of the Soviet Union T Truman Doctrine-Said the U.s. was committed to stopping Communism. U U-2 - American Spy plane used in 1960 V Venona - long-running secret collaboration of the United States and United Kingdom intelligence agencies involving hidden messages W Warsaw Pact-A treaty of mutual defense and military aid Y Yalta Conference-Where the Allies created the Declaration
of Liberated Europe The End. 'Murica
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