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10 Qualities of a superhero. By: Scott Mash

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Scott Mash

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of 10 Qualities of a superhero. By: Scott Mash

10 Qualities of a superhero. By: Scott Mash
Being Unique in Some Way
This doesn't mean the character has to be "The chosen one" in some prophecy, he just needs to stand out in some way, like being the smartest person in the room or the person that stops and thinks before they rush into a situation.
Heroes save lives, even people they dislike. When we see someone that has compassion for people who are in trouble, this forms part of his or her motivation for action, this attracts us to the character.
Sense of Enjoyment
Enjoying fighting bad guys and saving people, and doing the things we can only dream of doing. There are two problems with a hero who doesn't ever seem to be enjoying being heroic. We lose the ability to enjoy his or her exploits. And it's less realistic.
Beliefs that are tested
A real hero believes in something, has principles. Even if we disagree with the hero's beliefs he is respectable because he believes in something.
It's important to see a hero showing loyalty. Not necessarily a country or organization, He or she can be loyal to anything. An anti-hero might double cross his friends, but a hero probably won't. This makes the hero admirable.
A goal or mission
A hero who doesn't have a goal is, by definition, just being reactive. Until the villain does something to further their agenda the hero is just kind of a boring person. The best heroes have a goal they're trying to achieve or a mission they're trying to complete.

A line the Hero won't cross
This is something that separates the hero from the anti-hero, probably. Maybe your hero won't kill, i.e. Batman, or won't sacrifice innocents to achieve his or her goals, i.e. Spider man. Seeing what a hero won't do is just as important as seeing what they will do. Seeing the hero almost cross his or her line adds suspense to the story.
Cool abilities or gear
A true hero is one who embodies our fantasy of being able to do something extraordinary. Like flying without an airplane, or knocking down buildings, or teleporting across long distances. You can't really be a great hero without some awesome abilities or gear.
Fascinating sidekick or posse
Hero needs a sidekick or a group of amazing friends. A fighter for truth and justice without any kind of backup or support is less memorable. i.e. The Justice League.
Being an underdog, or outgunned
You can't really root for a hero who doesn't, sometime in their life, face impossible odds, even if your hero has the coolest abilities in the universe.
Being an Underdog
Even if your hero is the strongest in the universe, you can't really root for a hero who doesn't face impossible odds or have some kind of challenge.
"10 Essential Elements of a Great Escapist Hero." Io9. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Nov. 2013.
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