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Copy of The Republic of Texas

No description

Dora Celaya

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Republic of Texas

Power Point Presentation
Background Information
-American settlers, especially farmers in the South, looked at the vast region known as Texas
-Back then, Texas was part of the Spanish colony of Mexico.
At first, Spain refused to let Americans settle in Texas
This was because Spain did not want the Mexicans to rebel and become a seperate district
Back then, Mexico was ruled by Spain
On August 13, 1521, the Spanish conquered the Aztec Kingdom. Then they established the Mexican Colony.
In 1821, Mexico won its Independence from Spain, The Mexicans allowed Americans to settle on their land.
Moses Austin
- he was the first man given a land grant from Spain when Mexico was still under the rule of the Spanish. He did not start settling people though, until after the independence was won.
He was born October 4, 1761 in Durham, Connecticut
Austin played a very big role in the development of Texas
I 1821, Austins family as well as 300 others moved to Texas
most of the families that came were from the cotton country in the Southeast.Many people brought their slaves with them to work the fresh land
After Austin's colony grew, Mexico gave many more land grants, and in 1830, 20,0000 people lived in Texas
Austin died on June 10,1821
Conflicts With Mexico
As an agreement made for land, all that moved to Texas had to worship in the Roman Catholic Church.

Later though, many people became angry and felt no loyalty to Mexico. They said that they did not speak any or little Spanish which meant that they should not have to follow their church's laws
Siege at the Alamo
By the time Santa Anna reached San Antonio the Texans have taken refuge in an old Spanish mission called the Alamo.
Although it was 150 Texans to 6,000 Mexicans they still stayed there waiting for the attack.
Along with the low supply of men they also had a low supply of ammunition, food, water, and medical supplies.
Some people in the mission include William B. Travis, the leader, and famous frontiersmen Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett. The other people included devoted volunteers, several Tejano families, two Texan women, and two slaves.
The Attack
February 13, 1836: Mexican troops began their siege of the Alamo. Although the walls of the mission stood William B. Travis still knew that it was only a matter of time. So as a last resort for help he sent a messenger through enemy lines with a letter stating:
" I shall never surrender or retreat. I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, and of everything dear to the American character to come to our aid with all .... Victory or Death!"
The Lone Star
-The Texans nicknamed their nation the
Lone Star Republic after winning their
-using the US constitution as an example, they wrote their own constitution
-They elected Sam Houston as their president in September 1836
-However, their was a problem along the
New independence: New Problems
-Texas faced many problems
-The government of Mexico refused to accept the treaty of Santa Ana, therefore Mexicans still thought of Texas as part of mexico
-Also, the Comanches and other indians threatened to attack small communities in Texans
More Problems
Many Mexicans feared that the Americans would want Texas to become part of the United States
This is why they stopped admitting Americans into Texas
It was a good reason to fear the US because they had already made many offers to buy Texas off of Mexico.
After this, Mexico started to enforce laws that had been forgot
worshiping in the Catholic Church
Sent troops to enforce laws
In 1833, General Antonio Lopez became a dictator over Texas as well as Mexico
After this Americans took action
Along with there Tejanos, People of Mexican descent born in Texas, they decided to become free from Mexican rule
In October 1835, Texans clashed with Mexican troops
This caused General Antonio to flee
on March 2, 1836 the Texans declared Independence for the Republic of Texas.
Besides sending the messenger Travis also sent scouts to find food and volunteers. They could only slip forty men back to the Alamo. The siege lasted for twelve more days until the cannons finally broke the walls and thousands of Mexicans poured through. About 180 texans and 1,500 Mexicans died the rest of the texans executed. Only the two women left.
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Texas Tries to be a Puzzle Peice of the US
-Many Texans thought that becoming a part of the US would end their problems
-They were divided among whether or not to add Texas to the US
-Southerners mostly wanted Texas, but the Northerners opposed it
-Slavery then became a very big issue
-Antislavery opinions began by the 1830's
-Texans owned slaves and many northerners thought that Texas would join the US as a slave-owning state
-Therefore, President Andrew Jackson was worried that adding Texas would lead to war with Mexico
-Congress refused to annex Texas
The Next Nine Years
-The leaders of the Lone Star Republic attempted to draw new settlers toward Texas.
-They encouraged immigration and offered new land to settlers
-Americans fastly moved to Texas due to the Panic of 1837
-These new settlers helped Texas grow and prosper
-Many African Americans and Mexicans were there by the 1840s
Texan Independence
The fall of the Alamo inspired texans to fight. Only weeks later Mexican troops killed hundreds of soldiers fighting for the cause. The news of this then inspired even more volunteers to join Texan forces. This left Sam Houston with the job of getting all of those volunteers eager to fight into an effective army.
"Remember the Alamo, Remember the Goliad
Finally scouts of Sam Housten reporting that Santa Anna's army has camped near the San Jacinto River. So, on April 21, 1836 the Texans ambushed their enemies shouting "Remember the Alamo" or "Remember the Goliad." This battle only lasted 18 minutes for even though they were outnumbered the texans killed 630 Mexicans and captured 700 more. The next day they forced Santa Anna to sign a treaty.
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