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Franz Schubert

for music class

Awesomegirl 10

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Franz Schubert

Later Life
Franz Schubert Impact
Franz Schubert mostly had a impact on music after he died. Schubert had the abilty to adapt to almost any musicial form. Schubert was insperd by Beethoven and atcually met him. He was known for his ''Ninth Symphony'' which inspired other music composer's.
What Type of music did he Write?
He wrote classical music. He wrote over 600 pieces of music. Mamy of those pieces are famouse.
Franz Schubert early life
Born on January 31, 1797, in Himmelpfortgrund, Austria, Franz Peter Schubert, the son of a schoolmaster, received a thorough musical education and won a scholarship to boarding school. Although he was never rich, the composer's work gained recognition and popularity, noted for bridging classical and romantic composition. He died in 1828 in Vienna, Austria.
Franz Schubert
Franz Schubert
Elon, Ava, Aubrey, Kate, Paras

Franz Schubert was a famous musician. Franz was Famous for classical music

In 1826, Franz applied for the job of deputy musical director at the Stadtkonvikt. While certainly a top candidate, he did not accomplish to land the job. Still, his fortunes during this period began to improve. His impressive musical talent continued, and his popularity in Vienna increased. He was even in negotiations with four different publishers.

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