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All of Me by John Legend

No description

Erin Dawdy

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of All of Me by John Legend

All of Me by John Legend
All of Me
The song we chose is "All of Me" by John Legend. It is written by Toby Gad and John Legend.
We like this song because the lyrics are meaningful. We also like the piano's accompaniment to John's singing. We like how high his voice goes in some parts because it's amazing that he can go that high.
Although we love this song, we do dislike some things. We dislike how there is only one instrument other than voice because in some parts, like the chorus, having more instruments would make it more interesting.
The only instruments in "All of Me" are John Legends voice and the piano.
John Legend
An interesting fact about John is that he has won 9 Grammy Awards. He started playing the piano at age 4. Also, the last name Legend isn't his real last name, it's actually Stephens. He has been on a couple shows including Dancing with the Stars and Sesame Street.
All of Me
John wrote this song for his fiancee, Chrissy Teigan, who he has just recently married . The song was very popular peaking #2 in Canada, UK,and New Zealand. Plus the song has sold a whooping 2 588 411 copies in the US. A couple months after released, in January 2014 Tiesto, a electronic producer, released a remix of it.
The piano has a lower pitch and his voice is low for the verses and beginning of the chorus but at the end of the chorus it gets higher.
The song is about 5 minutes long. The duration throughout the song is very slow. During the chorus the piano plays faster. The vocals stay slow throughout the song.
The texture of the song is very thin. It is because it's a homo phonic song, and it doesn't have more than one instrument an there is only one voice singing.
The dynamics in this song are piano for most of it. There is a little crescendo for the chorus, which is mostly mezzo forte, until it decrescendo's back to piano.
The form we heard is a piano intro, then verse A, the chorus, verse B, the chorus again, a bridge, and then the chorus again.
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