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No description

Brian Lau

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Technology

Technological Impacts on Society
Problems with E-waste
Network Neutrality
Who gets the trash?
The Film Industry
"Preserves our right to communicate freely online."

Spread of Cultures
Cultural Imperialism
Creating Jobs
social interactions
Younger users
Private & public messages
Privacy settings
Expected behaviors
"What you think and wish to say"
More "fame" friendly
Some benefits from this is an increase in employment, more raw materials and improved infrastructure
Older adults
Releases chemicals that pollutes the environment
Materials may be toxic and harmful to one's health
"Tweet" & "Re-tweet"
Idealize celebrities
Brian Lau
Allison Reinig
John Rojek
Erica Misso

More opinion based
"Who you are"
More women than men

Instant messaging
Different Personalities

Unaware of friends accepted

-Indian film industry growth could be helpful to their economy
-Spread of their culture globally
-Indian culture disappearing from films
-Film's are no longer as popular with their original audiences
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