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No description

Hull Elementary

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of carley

second :
Weight is made by mass because how much stuff something has the heavier it will be. Weight is different on every planet because of the gravity.
5 new words:
1st Fact:
3rd Fact:
Electronic magnetism is the thing that makes you not fall through the ground.The electric particles make opposites attract.
Physics is a book about things like matter and energy. Einstein is the one who had revolutionary ideas.He had ideas about energy, mass ,and speed of light. Pretty smart for someone who never liked school! Physics is about everyday things interacting with one another.
Title: Physics
Author: Dan Green
Book Genre: Nonfiction
Sub Genre: Scientific Nonfiction
lexile level:1040
Main Topic: Physics

2nd fact:
Static electricity is found in lightning, which kills around 1000 people every year. The average temperature of lightning is 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Static electricity is when opposite charges rub together.
1st thing I already Knew:
Gravity is the thing that holds us down.Gravity makes it so we don't float into space.
: means fully focused energy in a fined tuned light beam.
Radio wave
: wireless technology , produced in a wide band.
White light
: made of the rainbow spectrum of colors.
:high energy radiation
Gamma ray
:a lethal form of nuclear
1: Physics is full of facts and formulas.
2: Physics is about knowing or trying to find out.
3: Physics tells us how things interact.
Physics is important because without it we could not stay on the earth.
The text structure of physics is question and answer because it questions how things work then gives the answer.
Text structure:
Carley Preator
Each page has:
1: Title
2 :Explanation
3: Description
4 :Question
5: Answer
6: Conclusion
These help me organize the information.
6 features that helped me:
I liked reading non-fiction because I learn and it helps me read.
Did I like the book?:
I would recommend this book because it gives you facts about how everyday things interact. It was also entertaining to read.
Would I recommend?:
1:Dan Green studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

2: Since graduating, he has written and edited many popular science titles and humorous books.

3:He has written nine titles in the series.

Facts about the author:
Ultraviolet light is what gives you a tan. It is also used in insect zappers and black lights. A little is good
but a lot can cause cancer.
Speed is how fast something moves.
Speed is used in everything.Speed is if we are moving at a fast pace or a slow pace.
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