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HR Outsourcing

No description

Matt Wells

on 30 June 2011

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Transcript of HR Outsourcing

OUTSOURCE Our goal is to: provide outsourcing opportunities that & REDUCE COSTS IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY payroll services
and administration FMLA outsourcing options include: benefits
administration employee
on-boarding &
recruiting exit
interviews employee
handbook HR
call center employee relations
management and investigative
needs EEOC
investigations employee
programs HR
audits employee
surveying recruitment
development Job Analysis: After we touch base with you, we develop
an electronic system that meets the employee's needs of: on-boarding & training annual evaluations succession plans we refer to this concept of connecting with you as: customer intimacy DO-ETS D ESCRIPTION career description
essential functions
responsibilities RIENTATION on-boarding checklist
career specific
tracking of training mechanism O electronic evaluations
links to market wage data
pre-calculates merit increases
benchmarks scores against other employees VALUATION E T RAINING formulates individual training plans
tracks competency compliance
leadership development plan S ELECTION individualized pre-hire assessment tools
metric-based candidate comparisons join our blog: http://hc-resources.blogspot.com/ DO-ETS is... electronic framework and library
tracks and follows the employee through the entire employment life cycle
customizable to fit the need of your company that electronic system is called:
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