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Women's role in society

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Rayma Suarez

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Women's role in society

Women in today's society
Today, women are considered to have equal rights; but, is it really true? Old stereotypes still exist in many things. Women have worked hard for the rights that exist.
How the Role of Women has Changed

In the past women were in some ways thought of as being inferior to men. The typical lifestyle among families was for women to stay at home while men worked, and this was the acknowledged as a way of life for both parties. Although certain generalisations still exist much of this has changed, especially over last century.
A hundred years ago women were thought so inferior that they were not allowed to vote. Early in the twentieth century things began to change. Many protests took place amongst women hoping for voting rights, and this led to them being given the ballot in 1918. But even then it was only women over the age of 21 who could vote; the voting age for men stood at 18. It took until 1928 for women to be given equal voting rights.
The old way of life was very rigid in terms of the gender roles and most people lived according to this. Women would get married, have children and spend their lives looking after the children and doing the housework. The workplace meanwhile, was male dominated.
Times have changed, Many women work outside of the home.
Women, the Shapers of Morden Society
Women's role in society
The beginning of women in work was the Second World War. A large number of men were involved in fighting so less were able to work in their jobs. This meant women had to step in and some worked in factories throughout the war.
Nowadays women are generally treated equally to men although some would argue there is still a long way to go. They want to run their own lives and live how they want, without being pigeon holed by society. They have greater expectation about what they want to acquire from life. Some still decide to be stay-at-home Mums in the traditional sense but they have more of a choice.
Women these day are more independent than in the past. They demand more from their lives and choose how they want to live. This could be a reason for the increase in divorces over the last half a century. If women are unhappy in their marriage they won’t accept it.
It is not always an easy situation for a woman to be married, work and have a family; but it is quite often a choice that is made.
Woman are important in our society.
Women work for a better world.
Being a woman translates into hard work, determination and, quite naturally, comes with a calling from above to invest a lifetime into encouraging all those with whom a woman comes in contact.
Woman of today needs to get her own identity because identity is the key for all human beings.

So many women have impacted today’s society for the better. There is an endless list where many unsung women in various parts of our nation have changed lives and shaped destinies giving new direction to so many in the country.

More and more women are looking at newer opportunities to exhibit their abilities. However, in spite of the evident progress of women, there is a lot to be done for the uplift and emancipation of women.

Thank you!!!
Gissel Pacheco
Rayma Suarez
Ambar Reyes
Some differences between men and women.
Omar Reyes
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