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Fallacy Project

No description

Amy Long

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Fallacy Project

Fallacies in the media:
Health Weight Loss Tobacco/Drug Products Alcohol Excercise/Excercise Products Most Arguments are Pro Weight Loss
Scare Tactics
Either-Or Choices
Slippery Slope
Moral Equivalence Pro:
Faulty Causality
Hasty Generalization
Appeals to False Authority Con:
Slippery Slope
Scare Tactics
Ad Hominem Con:
Scare Tactics
Non Sequitur
Faulty Causality
Ad Hominem
Most Arguments Are Pro Excercise/Excercise Products:
Appeals to False Authority
Faulty Causality
The Straw Man
Faulty Analogy
Pro: Con: Let's jump on the bandwagon! Pro Picture: Either i buy this product or i will stay fat So...lazy people don't excercise, therefore they don't move and chairs don't move, therefore....Lazy people are chairs...right? Wrong!!!! Let's follow her lead... Everybody's smoking! If I smoke, then i will die Pro: If you drink alcohol, then you will pursue your dreams Con: If this doesn't scare people enough to make them drive only while sober... nothing will By:
Amy Long
Emma Nelson
Kate Srader Either I buy this product or I will stay fat.
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