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Assessment Preparation

No description

Angela Radalj

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Assessment Preparation

Analytical essays must:
- Be written from 3rd person POV
- Follow TEEL paragraph structure
- Refrain from using colloquial language
- Be written in past tense
- Substantiate claims made
- Analyse a text by identifying techniques
(CMP and SWAT!)
Assessment Preparation
Essay Introductions
NOT a TEEL paragraph, but similar.

It must:
ngage ("hook")
ive a nutshell (context)
tate a thesis statement

Remember:"EGS" OR

Hook: get the readers' attention. WOW!
Nutshell: describing wider context
Thesis statement: your argument statement/contention

Example introduction
The Dharavi slum located in Mumbai has a population of 600,000-1,000,000 living in 1.72km^2. Although this fact harbors negative associations (such as lack of sanitation and overcrowding), Kevin McCloud has produced
Slumming It
to seek out exactly what western societies can learn from slums.
.... [Insert extra explanation]...
Slumming it
has positioned western viewers to condemn certain aspects of their own societies while challenging common preconceptions made about third world communities and lifestyles.
Body paragraphs
Topic sentences
: VERY specific.
: give evidence.
: Prove your point.
: How does everything you just talked about relate to your topic sentence?? "Hammer in" your point!
* Mind the colloquialism
Documentary module assessment (6%)
Your task:
3 questions. Answer 1. Pre-seen questions.
You MUST make reference to Slumming It.
Bring 1 A4 'cheat sheet' of notes.
60 minutes to write an analytical essay.
Friday 27th Feb. Yes, this Friday.

Example body paragraph
Slumming It
has positioned western viewers to challenge their preconceptions of slum communities through effective use of cinematography. Certain camera angles and camera shots effectively challenge the assumption that inhabitants of slum communities are unhappy, depressed and seeking a better lifestyle. [Insert example of happy child? or other & explain further]. Western viewers' preconceptions of slum communities are challenged through the selective use of cinematography, particularly through the use of camera angles and camera shots to emphasise certain community aspects.

Please do not re-word your intro.
There IS a formula. (NOT Eggs or TEEL)
It is: ASS (
Not an intentional acronym
nswer the question again
ummarise ideas you previously discussed (in order)
ynthesise with a bold statement, rhetoric or (maybe opinion)

Example conclusion
McCloud's expository documentary
Slumming It
, challenges common western perceptions of third world lifestyles while educating viewers on the rich lifestyle factors which are often undermined. The cinematography.... [explain body paragraphs]... conclusively, it can be said that western societies are the real cities which are unhappy, depressed and forever seeking a better lifestyle.
Are there any questions, comments or concerns? :)
Have a lollipop and
get to work!
1. Choose your question
2. Deconstruct it
3. What's your argument?
4. Write a plan. Get me to check it.
5. Watch scenes AT HOME if you need more evidence/examples
(No, you cannot have an extension)

You can ALWAYS email me at:

OR visit me in the English office
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