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Copy of Spanish Educative System


Maribel Pareja

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Spanish Educative System

Madrid, February, the 13th, 2013 SPANISH EDUCATIVE SYSTEM Compulsory Education: Vocational Education 16-18-21 Infant Education
0-6 Kinesthetic
Intelectual &
Development Secondary Compulsary School Characteristics Primary Education Characteristics LAWS 1985 - LODE
1990 - LOGSE
1995 - LOPEG
2002 - LOCE
2006 - LOE
2014 - LOMCE Bachelor Education 16-18 Infant Education 0-3 Infant Education 3-6 Primary Education 6-12 E.S.O. 12-16 Non Compulsory Education University Superior Education Language Official Schools http://www.educa.madrid.org/web/eei.zaleo.madrid/index-nueva.htm CREDITS Thank you! Basic Education Secondary School Arts, Drama and
Music Schools Superior Degree Vocational Education Adults Education Degrees
Technical Degree
Master's Degree
Doctorate Curriculum Curriculm Curricular Paths Characteristics 0-3 0-6 Educa 3 Program For a fee

Non Compulsory

Free 100% http://www.educacion.gob.es/educacion/que-estudiar-y-donde/educacion-infantil.html Affective Development
Body Control
Language & Communication
Social relation-ship & Living together
Physical & Social characteristics
Personal Positive Image
Personal Autonomy Methodology Experiences
Activities &
Games Assessment Global, Continuous and Learning Process

Direct & Systematic Observation Compulsory & Free
6 -12
3 Cycles Competences Contents Science, Geography & History
Spanish Language
Foreign Language
Music, Art & Craft
Citizenship Bilingualism Religion Autonomous
Language Assessment Global, Continuous and Learning Process

Direct & Systematic Observation Reinforcement weak Sts

Extra-activities gifted Sts Compulsory & Free
12 -16
2 Cycles Basic cultural Aspects:
Technological Strategies:
Working & studies Autonomy
Incorporate Superior Studies
Laboral situation
Citizen Rights and Responsibilities Assessment
Promotion & Certificate Global, Continuous and Learning Process

Curricular Diversity

TGESO (Grade Compulsory Certificate) Reinforcement weak Sts

Extra-activities gifted Sts Autonomous Language :55% vs. 65% Religion Bilingualism http://www.madrid.org/cs/Satellite?c=CM_Actuaciones_FA&cid=1142408942823&idConsejeria=1109266187254&idListConsj=1109265444710&language=es&pagename=ComunidadMadrid%2FEstructura&pv=1142309967070&sm=1109265843983 Basic Cultural Aspects
Literacy: 3 R's
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Autonomy Learning Process http://www.mecd.gob.es/portada-mecd/ http://recursostic.educacion.es/bancoimagenes/web/ www.wordreference.com/ http://www.madrid.org/cs/Satellite?language=es&pagename=PortalEducacion%2FPage%2FEDUC_home Photographers: Banco de imágenes y sonidos INTEF
Antonio Javier Guirao Silvente
Francisco Javier Martínez Adrados Clarissa Rodrígues González http://www.educa.madrid.org/web/eei.zaleo.madrid/index-nueva.htm Mª Isabel Pareja Moreno http://www.educa.madrid.org/web/cp.seisdediciembre.alcobendas/ http://ies.perezgaldos.madrid.educa.madrid.org/ SCHOOL WEBSITES
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