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The Walking Dead vs. Game of Thrones

No description

Delana Hackle

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of The Walking Dead vs. Game of Thrones

By: Delana Hall, Kahlan Ettere, and Stacy Anderson
Survival in Game of Thrones
Family in Game of Thrones
Real families with blood ties, fight within each family and between other families for power.
Power struggle is egotistically centralized.
Each family has a power structure that is constantly changing and causing conflict.
Family name comes first, family bonds are secondary.
Walking Dead Survival
Family Ties, Walking Dead
Not real family, people group together for safety creating situational families.
Blood family relations do exist, for example: the sheriff (Rick), his son, and his wife are are one of the traditional families in the show.
Family like units are created from intense situations.
Relations between individuals are surprisingly closer than family members are in GOT.
The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Walking Dead's fan base
Game of Thrones
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Family vs circumstance
walking dead has more followers
Medieval vs present
lots of death
both started as books
families mainly stick together
Any Questions?
Walking Dead Trailer
Game of Thrones Trailer
Families and individuals fight each other for power
The characters are moved to act in order to protect their honor and social status.
Characters also fight the beasts that inhabit their world, and the elements.
Medieval weaponry is used: swords, bows, daggers, etc.
fan base
Viewer Growth per season
Season 1 attracted over 2 million viewers.
Although there are fewer viewers, each person is more attached to the show.
Show is on HBO, limiting the viewership for GOT.
Game of Thrones has more Emmy nominations this year than any other TV series.
Each person is motivated by the need to survive.
Struggle to survive by way of food, modes of transportation, and safe places to live.
Struggle for power exists, but only due to difference in priorities.
Guns, machetes, and baseball bats and other miscellaneous weaponry is used.
mother and son, father
grandfather and granddaughter
WARNING: both trailers contain mature material
The Walking Dead has more fans.
The show is less intricate, therefore easier for people to follow.
5.3 million viewers watched the premiere of The Walking Dead.
The Walking Dead's third season was the highest rated show on cable television.
Thesis: While Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead differ in written format, both TV series share stories of survival, family, and ever growing fan bases.
The Walking Dead is a post apocalyptic horror television show, based on a long running graphic novel written by Robert Kirkman.
Game of Thrones is set in medieval times, and started as a book series written by George R.R. Martin.
Both shows are in their 5th season and have been renewed for a 6th.
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