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CIPA is an extremely rare disorder of the nervous system, a person who suffers from CIPA is unable to feel pain or differentiate between extreme temperatures. CIPA is a congenital disorder which means that a person has it from the moment that they are bor

patrick wald

on 20 May 2009

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Transcript of CIPA

CIPA causes of the disease:
CIPA is a genetic disorder which is caused by
a mutation that occurs during the formation of
nerve cells. This disorder if not caused by anything
environmental. causes: CIPA is caused by a mutation when
the nervous cells are being created.
CIPA is extreemly rare, less than 60 cases have been reported over the last 60 years. CIPA can be diagnosed if
a child is not reacting to pain
and even when extreemly injured
will be happy and smiling.
Some symptoms of CIPA is if a person
cannot differentiate between extreeme
temperatures. There is no way to prevent this
disorder right now, and it is unlikely
that a way will be found. There are no cures for CIPA right now.
How was it discovered:
CIPA is genetic so there are no
environmental causes, it is also congenital
meaning a person has CIPA from the moment
they are born. The probabilty of a person getting CIPA
is aproximatly 1 in 125 milion. doctors can check your nervous cells
to check if they have uffered mutation. person that suffers from
CIPA cannot feel pain at all. In my opinion there will never be a cure
because this occures before a person is born. A person who suffers from CIPA would not be able to feel even the most extreeme pains sich as these. it is hard to say how CIPA
was discovered but the first known case was in a 4 year old girl The end CIPA stands for Congenital insensitivity
to pain with anhidrosis
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