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Huntington's Disease - Anatomy and Physiology

No description

Nemil Bhatt

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Huntington's Disease - Anatomy and Physiology

Huntington's Disease Diagnosis Done by Genetic testing
Consist of taking a Blood sample
and searching for HD mutation
Comparing with a relative
diagnosed with HD Cause Genetic
Repeatation of one small
section of code on
chromosome 4
Normal H gene has 17-20
Mutated H gene has 40
or more repetitions Symptoms Mood swings
Short-Term memory loss
Loss of coordination
Poor balance Brain Affected Treatment No cure
Treat the major symptoms
Chorea: with a atypical anti-psychotic
Irritability: treated with a anti-depressant
Obsessive-compulsive thoughts and actions:
treated with a serotonin reuptake inhibitor Population affected Common in people
of european decent Prognosis most die within 15-20 years
cause of death is either infection or suicide
important to keep in mind that people with Huntington's may also suffer from other psychological diseases as well that can cause premature death
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