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Operate Like a TCU MBA

No description

Jeff DuCasse

on 12 August 2018

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Transcript of Operate Like a TCU MBA

like a MBA

Very well prepared when it comes to guest speakers & companies
Kayvon Shahbaz, CFA
CFO, SVP Finance
Inspirus, a Sodexo Group Company
Kayvon Shahbaz
Sleep Deprived MBA Student
TCU MBA Dec '14
Gus Gildner
VERY Sleep Deprived MBA Student
& New Dad
TCU MBA May '15
Gus Gildner, CFA
Senior Vice President
GrowCo Capital, LLC
If I could go back in time....
What would I tell myself?
Ask for help. You can't do it all by yourself.
Skills. You have some. Others have more.
Soft skills are critical to your success.
3.79 GPA? 3.812 GPA? Stop it. You're not an
undergrad. Networking is FAR more important.
So I have a question?
Yes Hermione?
So what did these "MBA's" you really admire ACTUALLY do?
They were willing to teach...
...and they were willing to be taught.
Let's start with the building blocks...
By now you're probably thinking...
But wait. There's more!
They were resilient.
They were inclusive of others.
Fact #1: 1 out of 3 in this class are international.
Fact #2: You WILL work or do business with people of other cultures.
They were empathetic.
Not impressed yet?
There is a lot more...
Express grattitude
Great attitude
Open to feedback and receives it well
Listen before offering an opinion
Dress appropriately
Writes thank you notes
Do what you say you're going to do
Highly engaged in the classroom/social situations
Always contributing to your team
Always accountable to your team
Avoid texting and emailing during meetings
Assume responsibility
Don't worry.
Your new TCU family will take care of you.
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