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Thrush History and Technology

No description

Samantha Broadman

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Thrush History and Technology

Thrush technology Thrush introduces new generation of Ag aircraft Thrush Thrush is teaming with General Electric to produce a new and improved version of the Thrush 510 Thrush Improves the technology
510 gallon payload(better fuel efficiency)
able to carry larger loads
50 more horsepower

Performance is being improved to enhance hot-day take offs and maintain high altitude cruise speeds pilots will be able to carry larger loads in warmer weather Take off distance is 1,100 ft
landing distance is 600 ft 54 foot wing span The history of Thrush started in 1965 when the Thrush 400 took flight. Thrush Airplanes are used for more then just Crop Dusting Can be used for Top dressing for Timber Or Fire Bombing Even Surveillance of the U.S. Border landing distance is 600 feet Producation Rate was 1 airplane per day Modern Crop dusting aircraft are designed for shorter takeoffs, higher spraying speeds and increased chemical capacity to apply more chemical. Thrush produces aircraft in 80 different countries There are 3 different models of Thrush aircraft 510 550 660 There will be testing later in this year of 2010 for the Trush 510 GE Aviation and Thrush Aircraft Inc. are teaming together to create a new and improved aerial application airplane for the year of 2010. "I doubt you'll see another new generation of agricultural aircraft produced in this country in your lifetime, I see it having a big impact domestically." Said Larry Bays, Thrush President. THRUSH TECHNOLOGY The End Which is like landing on 2 football fields And like taking off on roughly 3.5 football fields
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