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Hunter of the Haunted

A presentation about the scratch game program Hunter of the Haunted.

Luke Schussler

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Hunter of the Haunted

Scratch is a programming language in which you can easil create anything you can think of:games, art, stories,music, and animations, and then share those creations online. In this game, you are exploring a haunted house, and must shoot all of the ghosts that attack you. This is the weakest ghost you must fight, called a spook. This is an older, stronger, more evil ghost that you must fight, called a phantom. You see the game through the eyes of the main character, so you never actually see the character, but you do see the cursor of your gun. You move the mouse to move the cursor and aim your gun, and click to shoot the ghosts. There are three levels that you fight through. Level one is a graveyard. Level
two is
house. And level three
is a burning
version of the
foyer, in which
you have been
transported to
dimension. This is the Demon King 111111 If you defeat him, then you win the game.
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