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Cog Beh Therapy

Erin Guarnero

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of REBT

Obstacle 1 Concepts Role of the Counselor Goal People can have rational or irrational thoughts We the people have control over
our thoughts, feelings, and actions A- Activating Event
B- Belief or Thought
C- Emotional Consequence D Main Goal: help clients live rationally! Rational Emotive
Behavior Therapy Albert Ellis Irrational Belief = Irrational Behavior A-B-C Framework Dispute those irrational beliefs! INTERVENTION!!!!! REBT- falls under cognitive
behavioral approaches to therapy - History of hospitalizations... wouldn't let it get him down!
- Practiced psychoanalytic therapy....
"this therapy is too slow!"
- Grandfather of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Believed that if a client could change their way of thinking then therapy would be much quicker. AKA: Self Talk View of Human Nature Goal If we the people, can learn to accept ourselves, then we will lead a better life. Dysfunction Irrational Beliefs Self-Repetition Dogma Dysfunction BLAME!!! Development of Dysfunction: Funnel of Dysfunction Stem from irrational thoughts that turned into beliefs, during childhood. This is how irrational beliefs are reinforced. We continually tell ourselves this belief is true. Eventually the belief turns into a.... We begin to live by these beliefs because they have turned into "should's" and "must's." These beliefs are hard to live by and ultimately create .... The center of emotional disturbance.

We may blame ourselves or others. Either way... it ain't good! B A C The belief or thought (should's & must's).
B is what makes A significant and what leads to C. Ex: A belief has been created that I am a failure.... The activating event only has its activation powers because of B. Ex: ... now I am getting divorced this is not good considering I have a belief that I am a failure. (which took us back to....) Emotional consequence. This will be healthy or unhealthy, which depends on B. Ex: ... This only reminds me of what a failure I am! Now I am depressed :( E A new effective
belief system/ philosophy F New healthy feelings 1. Detect irrational beliefs
2. Debate irrational beliefs
3. Discriminate between irrational and rational beliefs Cognitive restructuring is taking place when we add the knowledge of how self repetition (self talk) keeps beliefs alive! Replacing unhealthy thoughts with healthy thoughts Ex: A divorce may still be felt as not good but it is not creating depression. Most Important Goal: Self Acceptance and the acceptance of others. This is done through:
Cognitive Restructuring & Philosophical Restructuring Techniques Cognitive Methods Changing the clients language Disputing irrational beliefs Psychoeducational Emotive Methods Emotional Control Card Force & Vigor Humor Rational Emotive Imagery Behavioral Methods Modeling

Operant Conditioning

Systematic Desensitization & Exposure
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