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St,paul's academy btec first certificate in IC&T

No description

Aj graham

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of St,paul's academy btec first certificate in IC&T

UNIT 6: Assignment 1 Job Basics.
By A.j Graham
NO TEXT. The reason why I think they dont have text is because i think it ready tells you what it is by its logo.
The type of photograph is a vector because it is made out of shapes for example the fox tails and the world.
Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browermade from Microsoft windows
Here is the list that i am going to go through with this logo.
Type (vector or bitmap image or other)

colour and texture.
Size and position
characters and objects.
file type and Size.
HI Miss Sandhu today i am going to tell you about two graphics that was provided and explain features of grahics, techincal qualities, content, audience and purpose.
First I am going to do the firefox logo then nike Serena willams.
hope you like it!
colour and texture
You can see they use lots of colour mostly blue and orangered the emotions that the picture shows that it has something to do with the world and a fox. IT is also a 3d because it wraps itself around the world. Also it attract to it beacuse of the colours that have been used.
size and postion.
Size : 512*512
The position is that the fox is curled around the world.
A fox.
And the world the reason why is because the character is curled around it.
file type and size.
file type: the fox is vector and the world is bitemap.
Size: 512x512. from fireworks.
This is my prezi for firefox I hoped you like it .
The resoulution is 72.
To find it in fireworks you have to go to Modify the go to image size then you find resolution.
By A.J graham
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