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Bizworks' Final Mobile Proposal

No description

Rolando Franck

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Bizworks' Final Mobile Proposal

Bizworks obile Dashboard Proposal m 1 Home Hierarchy Icon Volume Summary Volume of last 3 months 9 Principal sections:

1. Reports
2. My Downline Alerts
3. Contacts
4. My Goals
5. Graphs
6. Milestones
7. DS Details
8. Downline Summary
9. Subscribe BWs 2 3 My Downline Alerts 4 Contacts 5 My Goal 6 Next objetive to achieve 7 Milestones What is already achieved 8 DS Details Detailed information of a specific DS Graphs Quick overview of User data 9 Downline Summary 10 Subscribe Subscribe to Bizworks SP with volume SP Total Volume Retention SP / DS Trend DS ID: 2222222222 DS ID: 2222222222 DS ID: 2222222222 SP Productivity DS ID: 2222222222 Req Method RO Trend DS ID: 2222222222 Milestones already achieved by User Every milestone not yet achieved by user

If user wants to know what does he need to achieve the milestone, he needs to give a touch on every blocked icon. User can selects and customize the kind of milestone he wants to see. (In this case Hierarchies) Reports Birthdays & Anniversaries 11 Extras My Downline To see the last 4 months, user needs to scroll down To see the 3 Levels of Last 4 months of each Hierarchy, user can selects Hierarchy button. Can selects All to see all of them. Last 4 months This section of "My Contacts" is designed for future enhancements.
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