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Hospitality - Managed Services

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Kelly Harper

on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Hospitality - Managed Services

Challenge is pleasing the guest and pleasing the client.
Some operations - you are the guests dining only option
Many of these operations are housed in host organization who do not have foodservice as their primary business.
Food is produced in large quantities and consumption within fixed time periods.
Volume of business is somewhat consistent. Easier to plan, organize and produce.
Hospitality - Managed Services
What are Managed Service?
Consists of Food Service Operations in:

Elementary and Secondary Schools
Colleges and Universities
Health Care Facilities
Business and Industry
Leisure and recreation
Conference Centers
Travel plazas
National Parks
Feeding an Army
Sample of Managed Service
How Airline Meals Are Made
Why Contract Foodservice?
Quality of Program
Recruitment of Management and Staff
Expertise of Management and operations
Resources available: people, programs, systems, information systems, labor relations, other support and outsourcing of administrative functions.
Feeding an Army
1.5 million
solders, sailors, and pilots on active duty in the US.

$6 Billion
per year

Feeding the Military
Included feeding all levels of troop and officers.

From dining halls to officer clubs

From the military hospitals to the field.
Ways to reduce overall costs.

Foods that can be used for multipurpose such as:
Lunch and dinner
Ability to be reheated & served without much labor
Foods that can be on the go and stored for periods of time
Large concern is can the contracted service handle food in combat?
1946 - US Government enacted the National School Lunch Act


29.6 million children are fed breakfast and lunch
Costing about $7 Billion Annually
How to provide a nutritional meal that kids will eat at a low cost.

Better nourished children do better in school
Helps impact what kids are eating
Meet dietary requirements
Educational Programming
Clientele live on campus and eat most of their meals at one of the campus' facilities.
Meals need to be creative to keep customers happy with balancing costs.
Client has already paid for meals.
Clients want brand recognition as part of their meal plans as well as flexibility where used.
They don't want their meals to seem institutionalized.
College and Universities
Diverse Operations

Residence halls
Sports concessions
Faculty Clubs
Convenience Stores

On Campus Dining
Responsibilities in Managed Services
Can sometimes vary based on the size of the operation.

Besides the food production and menu development:

Employee Relations
Human Resource Management

Health Care Facilities
Provide services to
Hospital Patients
Long-term care
Assisted-living residents
Providing special meal requirements to patients with very specific dietary requirements.

Logistics of getting meals to their recipients

Trends in Managed Service
Balancing rising costs with fewer dollars
Increased demand for food to go
Request for 24/7 foodservice
Increasing use of fresh products
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