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I prezi I made for a tech class!

Ethan Vo

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of Anime

Horror and Mystery
Ethan's Anime Presentation
Ghost Hunt
Anime are Japanese animated productions made hand-drawn or computer animation.
What is Anime? In Japan, the word anime is used to describe anything animated. The first anime was made in the late 1910s.

Ghost hunt is about 17 year
old teenage AKA Kazuya Shibuya that owns a company that finds poltergeist/spirits and
exorcises them with his friends.
Mai Taniyama
John Brown
Kazuya Shibuya
Lin Kōujo
Hōshō Takigawa
Ayako Matsuzaki
Masako Hara
Ethan's Prezi will teach you about some Anime genres and a little about it's history!
Tomoki Sakurai
Sohara Mitsuki
Eishiro Sugata
Mikako Satsukitane
Tomoki Sakurai is a perverted boy who desires to live a peaceful life, but encounters a falling girl with wings named Ikaros, who is a angeloid then becomes his servant. later more angeloids come to take his servant but they end up joining his alliance.
Ergo Proxy
In the future a dome city named Romdeau was a normal town until our main character Re-l finds the truth about the creator of that town. The Ergo Proxy.
MMORPG'S aka massively multiplayer roleplaying game, are video games that most are based off of animes.
Vincent Law
Re-l Mayer
Thanks for listening!
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Corpse Party tortured souls
One night a few students decided to stay after
school to do a charm called Sachiko-chan to keep them friends forever, sadly they failed and were sent to heavenly host high school where all the other students that failed stay to slowly die or murder each other.
Heavens Lost Property
Code Geass
Code geass revolves around a boy named Lelouch who is the kings son, but war constantly breaks out and he finds himself finding the goverments seceret weapon. A girl named C.C which has the ability to grant one power. Lelouch got the power of the Geass which allows him to control a person to do anything, but only once.
Rolo Lamperouge
Shirley Fenette
Rivalz Cardemonde
Milly Ashford
Lelouch vi Britannia
Dorothea Ernst
Hiruashi to naku
Shion Sonozaki
Mion Sonozaki
Satoko Houjou
Rika Furude
Keiichi Maebara decides to move to Hinamizawa which is in the countryside, little did he know this was were he lived his childhood. A statue known as oyashiro-san, then starts to possesing everyone even his friends start to go mad and murder each other.
They are not cartoons!
Rena Ryugu
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