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Science fiction genre

No description

Wendy Noboa

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Science fiction genre

Science Fiction Films
It incorporates :

-Unexplored locations
- Advanced technology.
They must display
parrtially true/partially ficticious
laws or theories of science.

-If it is completely unbelievable, it will be considered
- Humans.



-Hybrid or mutation of all three
Camera Techniques
Camara Techniques
-"Establishing and high angle shots" specifies the setting of the scene.
In the future.
In the space.
On a different world.
In a different universe or dimension.

Close-ups helps to emphasize characters´emotions.
Camera techniques
Medium shots.
Eye- Level shot
over-the-shoulder shots
Camera techniques
Oblique or Dutch angle used to show:
Camera Techniques
Tracking shots help to involve the audience,
Apocalyptic film
World War Z (2013).
Dystopian film

Hunger Games (2012).
Time Travel Film

Back to the Future (1985)
Alien Film
Monsters and Mutants
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