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Boston College

No description

catherine gillam

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Boston College

Boston College An exceptionally advanced school for an exceptionally advanced world. Boston College is going in a new direction by becoming an information technology school. Being a traditionally religious school, this new positioning will bring a new and diverse group of students into the school. In order to convery this new way of thinking at Boston College there is also a new positioning statement:

An exceptionally advanced school for an exceptionally advanced world.
Beta the Beaver Billboard Mascot Mission Statment updated version of old logo
relects the school
juxapostion of tradition and technology

Logo something tangible
still relates to technology
population of beavers is growing exponentially in Massachusetts simple
shows what the school is about
easily readable from the road Catherine Gillam
Advertising: Spring/TCHS
College Positioning Project
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