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Photo Essay- Jin Kim

No description

jin kim

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Photo Essay- Jin Kim

One day during snowstorm, I was staying in my room as usual, browsing for DSLR camera. After long time of searching, I finally got one.
“Where are you going sir? Oh, Fargo? It has nothing, but snow…”
said the one of the staffs in the airport before I fly to Fargo from South Korea. The first year of staying in Fargo, I totally agreed what the staff said.

Fargo was just cold. I stayed in my room all the time because of snow, blizzard, and heavy wind. The weather in Fargo was too extreme to me.

And this became the turning point of my perspective of Fargo.
From time to time taking some pictures around Fargo,
I found out that Fargo is not just typical city in the United States.
This picture is taken after snowstorm, the blend of snow and sky creates beautiful scenery of Fargo.
Cherries are frozen even before they fall down from the tree.
Winter usually visits Fargo early.
The dynamic weather in Fargo is more than "just snow"...
“Where are you going sir? Oh, Fargo? It has nothing, but snow…”
After winter,
tones of snows gradually transform into water.
It is really interesting to me because I have never seen a city that floods caused by snow!
The climate of Fargo is really dynamic since the temperature goes down blow 0°F during winter.
The temperature goes up to 100°F during Summer.
Fargo is a dynamic city.
The downtown of Fargo is the most vibrant and colorful in North Dakota.
I always enjoy taking night pictures of downtown.
The neon signs along the street creates playful and energetic atmosphere into the site.
The scenery through the viewfinder gifted me a new perception of Fargo.
Fargo can be a typical city to someone,

but it also can be a memorable city to someone like me.
“Where are you going sir? Oh, Fargo? It has nothing, but snow…”
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