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Baseball introduction

No description

Julius Johnson

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Baseball introduction

One way of getting a batter out is to pitch three "strikes".

A "strike" happens when a batter swings and misses or doesn't try to hit a ball that is pitched within the strike zone.

If a pitcher throws a ball that does not cross home plate between the batter's armpits and knees If the batter can get to
first base safely, it is called
a single. Rules of the Game Two teams of 9 players play against each other to see who can get the highest score. The batter can also hit a home run by hitting the ball over the wall in the outfield. History of the Game Origins in England where it was a game called Rounders Alexander Cartwright, with other early baseball players, wrote the rules of the game in 1845. The first professional team was the Cincinnati Red Stockings created in 1869. Now, all professional teams have farm minor league teams also known as "farm clubs" The teams play on a field also called a "Diamond". the catcher stands behind the batter and signals the pitcher as to what type of ball to throw. The baseball field has four bases that are60 - 90 feet apart.
The batter's box, the area where the batter stands, is located 60.5 feet from the pitcher's mound. The Batter

The batter's objective is to get a hit.

Once the ball is hit, the batter becomes
a runner and must get to first base before
the ball is caught by the first baseman.

Once the ball is caught,
the runner is tagged or
the first base touches first base
before the runner touches it.
A "double" occurs if the batter can run to second base safely and a "triple" when the batter/runner makes it to third base. A home run means that the batter/runner runs around all the bases and reaches home ahead of the ball. Once the ball is hit and is in the air, the players in the field attempt to catch the ball before it hits the ground. If a fly or line ball is caught, the batter is automatically out. Defense The defensive team in the field tries to keep the offensive team's from scoring. Long or high balls that go past the infield are caught by one of the three outfielders. Outfielder's must have strong arms to throw the ball long distances. The job of the infielder, the player who is on the bases and the shortstop is to try to prevent balls from going into the outfield
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