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Commercialization of the olympic games.

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Hannah Melia

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Commercialization of the olympic games.

Commercialisation of the olympic games.

Definition of Commercialisation
Sports and how they have become commercialised
Commericialisation of the Olympics
is it good for the olympics?
Definition of Commercialise
Commericalisation of the olympics
Sports and how they have become commericalised
Manage or exploit (an organization, activity, etc.) in a way designed to make a profit (oxford dictionary)

Commericisation is the process which this occurs.
19th century - when commericialising sports first initiated
- sport became more organised
-spectating became an interest
-first seen professional clubs

-sporting values
-populatiry of competitions
-media, technology and markets started to become globalised
Positive and Negative effects commercialisation of the olympics
we call upon the youth of the world.
Previous to 1984 the olympics were self financed.
Hostile to commercilisation

'almost all of the olympic stadiums build in recent years are the result of local and, too often,commercial interests, not olympic interests at all' De Coubertin (1928)

Avery Brundage, President of the IOC. Opposed to the commercialisation of the olympics, at his retirement said:
'the olympics should not have anything to do with money' (Barney et al, 2002)
1984 olympic games -Los Angeles, Hamburger games.
First olympis games to be commercialised.
TV broadcasting right $286,794,000
Ticket Sales -$139,929,000
Sponsorship and licences $126,733,000
Coin Programme - $35,985,000
Surplus of $222,716,000

Is commercalisation good for the olympics?

-In 1931 paul helms registered the olympic symbol and motto
-In 1950 gave up copyright and allowed the IOC
Currently the sport industries gross annual revenue is around $324 billion worldwide, over half in which is generated in the USA. (Andrews, 2004)
Montreal Games,1976.
Non commercialised
Due to be self financed Canada struggled to finance the games, still currently paying off debts.
Barney, R.K., Wenn, S.R., Martyn, S.G. (2002) Selling the five rings, Salt Lake City: Unveristy of Utah Press. pp.100.
Slack, T. (2004) The commercialisation of sport, Psychology Press: London
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