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What is Taboo in Afghanistan?

No description

enrique aguero

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of What is Taboo in Afghanistan?

What is Taboo?
Taboo is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as something that is not socially acceptable or spoken about.
What would be considered taboo in Afghanistan?
Showing someone the bottom of your foot
Showing someone a picture of your wife and asking questions about theirs
Refusing food or tea that you are offered
Going to the movies...?

What is a Western Taboo?
Taboo is something that you just don't do. In America, going outside without being fully dressed would be considered taboo.
All these things thought of as taboo make sense. Refusing food can be seen as rude, and talking about your wife can be inappropriate. But why would something as innocent as going to the movies be something considered so inappropriate?
When the Taliban were under control of the country, they banned all music, movies and TV. When they were run out of Afghanistan following 9/11, their political influence disappeared, but their control of how the people thought remained.
Because going to the movies had been outlawed for so long, when the ban was lifted following the removal of the Taliban, the thought of movies and cinemas as bad and generally "not okay" stuck in the heads of Afghans even after the Taliban were gone.
By: Xander, Ari, Arlene, Enrique
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