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How to create a fade-out effect in your prezi

Prezi does not include yet a fade-out effect but discover in this prezi how to create a similar effect :)

Esteban Giner

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of How to create a fade-out effect in your prezi

This image is going to fade in and fade out
First, you need to upload your content that you will fade out in a frame
For exemple :
Once you have added your content, you will need to upload an image which is fully the same color as your background
In this case : a picture of a white square without border
After that, you just need to go to "edit path" then select the white square (in our case) and add a fade-in effect to this square :)
How to create a fade-out effect in your prezi :)
Unfortunately, this "a bit stupid" trick only works with a plain background behind. I have no answers for 3-D background.

If you find one trick and make a prezi about it, please feel free to add a link in the comment ... I'll add the link of your prezi in this one ;)
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