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John Logie Baird

Jesse Radtke

Jesse Radtke

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird August ghfghft August 13th, 1888 Born in Helensberg, Dunbarton, Scotland Died on June 14th 1946 in England Best remembered for inventing a mechanical television system His Television was the first to broadcast a live transmission Because of poor health he was unable to serve in WW1 so he went in to become an eletrical engineer Guglielmo Marconios Radio inspired him he thought that if it could work with audio it would word on visual too. By- Jesse Radtke In 1884 Nipkow made a television device called the Elektrisches Teleskop. "At the core of this apparatus was a disc punctured with a spiral pattern of 24 holes. As the disc spun, light reflected from a subject passed through the holes and stimulated a photo-sensitive selenium cell. The cell, in turn, produced an electric current which charged a light source in a receiver. In front of this spun another disc, perfectly synchronized with the one in the transmitter. Light passing from the disc was viewed through an eye piece". descrobed by thocp.net. These events made a flickering reproduction of the transmitted image. Nipkow had little success with his device.
Baird read about nipkows idea and thought he
would be able to fix his promblems with it and
make it "perfect". He was "surprised to learn that
no one had yet created a working television
system". Baird faced years of challenges, and
frustration before he finally created a working
B Baird impacted technology and who knows what the world would have for televisions theses days if it wasnt for him The End (: Sources -
http://www.thocp.net/biographies/baird_john.htm http://mayomo.com/29135
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