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Newspaper Analyzation

No description

Shaithan Prapaharan

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Newspaper Analyzation

Analyzation and Breakdown
The Los Angeles Times
Codes and Conventions
-picture maximizes it's given area
-the lead story covering most of the front cover
-old time font used to show experience
The Connections between the Content

for politicians or people concerned about politics
supporters of democrat and republican parties
people in the US government
mostly made of people around 50-60
mostly made of of men
usually men > women would be concerned about politics
no particular race
but majority is white
middle to high class people with money around
supports Republicans

Ideologies and Values

supports Romney (Republican party)
people don't need to pay taxes
the government doesn't need a lot of money
should be able to keep
individual rights
Intended Target Audience
Rich people
White people
people around the age of 30-60
How does the Text Appeal to us?
teens like arguments
they like the drama that seems to be put in the debate
How would I change it?
less clutter of information
add more emotional words to the text if possible
3 stories max
How is it distributed?
this can be delivered through subscription or read online
The Envelope, Times Community News, and Hoy Los Angeles
Rules and Laws that affect the Text
expected 5-8 paragraphs
received, 7
Copyright 2012 WST
By: Shaithan.P
The Questions
What codes and conventions used?
How do the contents of the newspaper cover page relate to each other in terms of power, age, gender, race and class?
What are the values and ideologies apparent in the newspaper cover page? To what extent do I share these beliefs?
Who is the intended target audience?
In general how does this text appeal to you and others your age, if at all?
How could I change the text to make it more enjoyable?
How is the text distributed or sold to the public? Who profits?
What rules and laws affect this text? Is there an expected length? Are there any copyright or trademarks used to protect certain products?
Thank you for listening!!!
Literacy strategies
the skill I used was questioning the text
reading the text
inferencing the text
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