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Hot cocoa Hearts

No description

Emma Berens

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Hot cocoa Hearts

gloomy, hates Christmas,
Underground,only child,used to
love Christmas, very close to her
grandmother,7th Grade

popular, has everything,
parents are not always there,
no one knows the real her,
7th grade, glee club
Minor Characters
>Fairview Middle School
>Holly jolly huse
>Leaning tower of Pizza
>Emery's House
>Teen Center

>Rockfeller center
Em hates Christmas and plans to show it through her photos.
One night while shooting she misses curfew and comes home late.
her consequnce...working at the mall.
she is working as an elf... in Winter Wonderland.
Emery hates her job but doesnt mind the cute boy working the Cocoa stand.
she has her heart set on Sawyer.
Thinks Sawyer is perfect for her
Conflict #1
Em's problem is that she has this perfect picture of Sawyer in her mind that she needs a reality check
Read the Book
Hot Cocoa Hearts
Suzanne Nelson
Book Presentation by:Emma Berens
popular, Sweet garbage(band),
hates Christmas,
Underground, Emery's crush
,7th grade
sweet, loves Christmas,
works at Cocoa Cravings,
new kid,8th grade
>Mr.Mason- Emery's dad, Christmas-crazed, owner of the
Holly Jolly House, thinks Emery still enjoys Christmas
>Jez-Emery's best friend, Underground,7th grade
>Grandma- Emery's grandmother, died last winter, loved
Christmas, helped start the Holly Jolly House
Plot cont.
Sawyer invited her to concert
knew something big was going to happen
never thought that her dad would walk backstage just as she insulted the Holly Jolly House.
internal conflict
Conflict #2
Em ruined her relationship with her dad by insulting the Holly Jolly House
Key things to understand
Em HATES Christmas
She loves to take photos
Her grandma passed last Christmas
Her dad loves the holly Jolly house
The Holly Jolly House is a lit up wonderland of lights and ornaments in Emery's front yard.
Emery hates the Holly Jolly House
Her class is passing out Secret Santa gifts one day every week for four weeks

I think this book shows the true meaning of Christmas
It shows that Christmas is about more than just presents
I think that Emery is trying to show that in her pictures
I give this a ten out of ten stars because it was a very enjoyable book
Want to
Thoughts and reaction
I thought that this was a very good book because it kept me reading and i could relate to some of the scenarios. It would be a good book for girls age 11-14.
Other Books by Suzanne Nelson
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