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By: Priya Bhatia

No description

Sarah Clancy

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of By: Priya Bhatia

Francisco Vaques De Cornado left home because he felt that his brother was treated better than him. As he grew older and became independent, he heard a rumor of the Seven Golden Cities and went out to find them. The first place he went in his journey is "Chibola" (New Mexico). He did not find anything there.

Later, as he goes from one state to another he finds Arizona. Not many people made it there. The people who lived there (Zuni) refused to let him in. Following as commanded, Francisco left and went off to the Colorado River, thinking there would be gold in the river. Not many people made it either. This is because of dangerous tides. In the Colorado River, no gold was found.
Extra Accomplishments
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Francisco Vaques De Cornado: by Priya Bhatia
The explorer that I am presenting is Francisco Vaques De Cornado.
He was born in 1510 in Salmanaca, Spain.
More Accomplishments
After. he came to live in Tiguex (Albuquerque) for one year. In that one year something horrible happened. War. Francisco was there at that time and saw the whole place tear into pieces. Then, he heard about a town called Quivira and heard it was wealthy. His group settled there and as usual he found no gold. Lastly on June 29, 1541, he comomarated Cornado"s Cross.
Fun Facts
He only lived to be about 34 and died September 22, 1554.
Some people said he was the son of an aristocrat.

Super Fun Facts

He was once govenor of New Galcia.
All of Francisco Vaques De Cornado's expeditions made him broke.
Cornado died very far away from where he was born.
1. Spain
2. New Mexico
3. Arizona
4. Colorado
5. Albequerque
6. Quivira
Francisco Vaques De Cornado
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