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Graduation Getaway

My proposal for a trip to the gold coast for a year 13 graduation celebration!

beth melchers

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Graduation Getaway

Gold Coast Graduation Getaway The Proposal Day 10 Getaway For myself and 9 friends I have planned a trip to the Gold Coast for ten days. This would occur from the 1/12/2016 to the 10/12/2016 after year 13 at Cashmere High school. We would fly from Christchurch to Brisbane and spend nights in backpackers and on a houseboat and return to Christchurch after 10 days. To cover the cost we would pay NZ$45.00 a month into an account which would receive interest and include a contingency fund. 10/12/16 Saturday
Activities: Pack every thing into car and spent morning in Brisbane.
Return flight: 5:30 pm
Air New Zealand
Car Hire Let's face it, 13 years of school is a long time, and we think we should CELEBRATE! After having studied hard for the past 13 years myself and 9 others need a break. To say farewell to some, to say hello to our new life, we want to spent some quality time just to have fun. Itinerary Day 1 1/12/16 Thursday
Flight Departs 9:20 am
Activity: Pick up rental van and explore Brisbane.

Aquarius Backpackers - Southport Day 2 2/12/16 Friday
2 hour surf lesson.
Explore Surfers Paradise and Southport

Aquarius Backpackers
Car Hire Day 3 3/12/16 Saturday
2 Hour surf lesson
Sea Kayaking
Aquarius Backpackers
Car Hire Day 4 4/12/16 Sunday

2 Hour Surf lesson
Skypoint Day Climb
Aquarius Backpackers
Car Hire Day 5 5/12/16 Monday
Drive to Tweed Head and board the "Sundancer" house boat.
Car Hire Day 6 & 7 6/12/16 Tuesday,
7/12/16 Wednesday
These days will be spent on the Tweed river exploring the villages along the way and fishing using hired fishing rods.
Car Hire Day 8 8/12/16 Thursday
Car Hire
Return sundancer houseboat.
Drive to Brisbane and check in to backpackers. Relax in pool.
Brisbane Backpackers
Car hire Day 9 9/12/16 Friday
Activities: Explore Brisbane. Relax in pool.
Brisbane Backpackers
Car Hire Getting there The overall cost for this graduation holiday comes to NZ$2107. This may seem like alot of money now but since we have so long to save we could get there. By putting $45 a month into a new savings account we would, by gaining interest, be able to have the right amount of money by November 2016. Bank Account and Interest To gain maxium interest on the money we save we would take out a saving account, ANZ serious saver. This means we would get there premium interest of 4.00% p.a. (per annum-per year). The back account lets you get premium interest because they won't allow any monthly withdrawels. By adding $45.00 each month by November 2016 we would have $2233.12. Subject to Change Since 2016 is a long way and prices and interest rates etc. are constently changing, some of the costs that are relevent now may change. This is why I have included a contingency fund of just over NZ$100. Change - Interest Rate
The current interest rate for the serious saver account is 4.00% p.a. This is current as of Friday the 1st of February 2013 and, as quoted by ANZ, "subject to change". If this does change by going down we may not have enough money in our account by December 2016. Change Exchange rate -
The exchange rate is how much New Zealand dollars are worth compared to Australian dollars. My calculations of prices are as of the exchange rate on the 1st of February 2016. This rate was 1.24 NZ$ to every 1 AU$. If this rate changes significantly, it could seriously effect how much money needed for the trip. Change Fuel Prices - I have calculated the prices of fuel using the current Australian fuel prices. We will be using fuel for our van and the houseboat. Fuel prices are always changing so this could effect the overall cost. A reason prices may go up is because of the rising demand for fuel and the diminishing natural supplies. Change General prices of accommodation, food, activities, flight, van and boat hire are all subject to change. These could all change the overall cost and
could out spent the contingency fund. This is a risk we would have to take to go on this planned trip. How many NZ$ in 1 Australian dollar Calculations These are the calculations I have used to create this itinerary presentation. Exchange Rate I calculated the exchange rate by multiplying the amount of NZ$ in 1 AU$ (1.24) by the Australian cost. For example if one night accomodation was AU$45.00 I would solve (1.24x45 = 55.8), NZ$55.80. Group Costs Some of the costs on my trip needed to be split between a group. For example the houseboat hire was NZ$1984 for the boat which slept all 10 group members. To calculate how much each person needed to pay, 1 tenth, I simply divided the $1984 by 10. This meant that each group member had to pay NZ$198.40. Interest To calculate how much money we would need to put into the bank account each month and how much interest we would get I wrote a formula on Google Drives.
Relating to PDF savings Document:
1/3/2013 = Monthly Savings ($45.00)
1/4/2013 = 1/3/2013 Total Savings+Monthly Savings ($45.00)+((Interest(4.00%)/12)x1/3/2013 Total Savings.
1/5/2013 = 1/4/2013 Total Savings + Monthly savings ($45.00)+((Interest(4.00%)/12)x1/4/2013 Total Savings.
And so on.
Because of having writtin a formula I could change the amount put in each month untill by November 2016 I had the right amount. Van Hire Fuel Cost To calculate how much money I would have to budget for fuel I had to work out how much fuel we would need. To do so I worked out the distance between each location we would have to travel, 181.8km. Next I researched the fuel consumption of the hire van and calculated how much fuel we would need, (fuel consumption per 100km)x1.818. I added on 25L more for supermarket visits etc. and then multiplied the total by the cost of fuel in AU per litre. Total Cost To work out the total cost of the trip I simply added all the costs of accomodation, activities, transport, general costs and daily allowances (multiplied by 10(days)) to recieve the total cost of 2107.07. By Beth Melchers
10me Happy Flying Bibliography The websites I used:

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