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The Divine Woman, Huron Indian Myth

Huron Indian creation legend

Brenden Shields

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of The Divine Woman, Huron Indian Myth

The Divine Woman Who Fell From the sky An American Indian tribe from the Ontario area had a strange belief in how the world was created.Their belief was that in the beginning the earth was nothing but water, and the only thing that inhabited the earth was the water animals. Then, one day a divine woman fell from a torn place in the sky. So two loons flew up and created a pillow for her to sit on. They cried for help from the other water animals. The snapping turtle came to help. So the loons set her down on the turtle back. After this the turtle called all the other water creatures to help aid her. They all decided that she would need some earth for her to live on. The turtle told the animals to dive down and get some dirt. The water creatures came up without any earth every time. Then, Toad decided to go down and search for earth. He was the only one able to find some earth almost dieing in the process. The woman took the earth out of the toads mouth and spread it on the turtles back. The small amount of earth grew to the size of a continent. To this day it is belived that the turtle still holds up the entire world.
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