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presenting common intonation patterns to students

No description

alejandro garzon santa

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of presenting common intonation patterns to students

a comma at the end of a clause signals often that the pitch ends at level 2, followed by a little pause to indicate that we are not ending yet.
an strong emotion is often signaled by a exclamation point, have the extreme pitch changes in intonation

in a little dialoge we can add some slashes to mark the segments in each line, stops, main ideas to make the true meaning of the sentence
period (full stop)
at the end of a written sentence usually signals a fall in the intonation to level 1
presenting common intonation patterns to students
thought groups
He is a teacher.
when all the students finish to understand the word stress,sentence stress and rhythm, the intonation is the next part to explain in that work we can do this...
joan is wearing
4: extra high
joan is wearing red today
you always be late.
I love you so much.
Jhon, we are waiting for you
who came?
Bob, Joe, and Bill.
(some exceptions)
exclamation point
what a BALL game!
WHAT a BALL game!
yes/no question
rising intonation
wh questions
rising-falling intonation
Is Jhon a teacher?
what is your name?
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