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tipping point

No description

erika steinger

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of tipping point

tipping point
To refute is to prove wrong by argument or evidence
Why is a refutation so crucial to a counterclaim paragraph?
Type of Refutation:
Ad Hominem
"Tipping Point"
"Tipping Point"
Do Now
Get your Springboard book, then copy down the EQ and the word of the day
Take out your finished part III from yesterday
Turn to page 338 in your Springboard book and answer the "Before Reading" question
Tuesday, May 12th
Ad Hominem
"My opponent thinks that lowering taxes will be a good idea-- this coming from a woman who eats a pint of Ben and Jerry's every night!"
"The 11th Hour"
What is the difference between these two criticisms? In your opinion, which is stronger?
Consider the rhetorical appeal being used by each criticizer

1. "Children are now the number one target of the global warming fear campaign. DiCaprio announced his goal was to recruit young eco-activists to the cause."
2. "We have seen global average temperatures flat line since 1998 and the Southern Hemisphere cool in recent years."
Ad Hominem: an attack on the speaker (or the man), rather than the evidence itself
Not effective when refuting logic/logos
Can be effective when refuting ethos/credibility
You may have questioned her as a person, but the idea of lowering taxes still stands
"Former Mayor Bloomberg wanted to ban the sale of large sugary drinks in Manhattan, but he buys them at least three times a week!"

The ad hominem (personal attack) is directly relevant to the counterclaim
during reading
Draw a SMELL chart in your notes, then fill it out based on the text
Sender-Receiver Relationship
Emotional Strategies (Pathos)
Logical Strategies (Logos)
Focus Question: What is the nature of the attacks made against others?
How do attacks against others in the speech "The Tipping Point" impact the ethos of the attacker and the attacked?
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