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Travel Writing

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Travel Writing

Travel Writing
What poems have we studied which deal with nature?
What style of writing have the poets used?
What makes writing descriptive?
Can you give a quote from either poem which appeals to the senses?
What techniques are used in the poems?
Learning Intention
Today we are going to look at a new genre of writing - Travel writing
We will therefore examine non literary texts.
We will compare the travel article with visual texts - travel advertisements.
From "A Walk in the Woods" - Bill Bryson

We hiked till five and camped beside a tranquil spring in a small, grassy clearing in the trees just off the trail.Because it was our first day back on the trail, we were flush for food, including perishables like cheese and bread that had to be eaten before they went off or were shaken to bits in our packs, so we rather gorged ourselves,then sat around chatting idly until persistent and numerous midgelike creatures drove us into our tents.

It was perfect sleeping weather, cool enough to need a bag but warm enough that you could sleep in your underwear, and I was looking forward to a long night's snooze - indeed was enjoying a long night's snooze- when, at some indeterminate dark hour, there was a sound nearby that made my eyes fly open. Normally, I slept through everything -through thunderstorms, through Katz's snoring - so something big enough or distinctive enough to wake me was unusual. There was a sound of undergrowth being disturbed - a click of breaking branches, a weighty pushing through low foliage - and then a kind of large, vaguely irritable snuffling noise.

Visual Texts
Visual Texts
Theme - Nature
What is genre?
What is a non literary text?
What is visual text?
Immerse yourself in the woods...
Which foursenses are being used in this extract?

Which sense is not being used?

What style of writing is adopted by Bill Bryson?
What is travel writing?
It record the experiences of a person while travelling. The person can be travelling for pleasure or for part of their job. Someone travelling for pleasure might decide to write about their experience in a blog or magazine article, or they might write a book. A working travel writer might be employed by a TV or publishing company to record their travel experiences for a TV programme or travel book.

The author might write in an informal, personal, narrative style, or in a diary style. They usually include facts about the place, the journey, the costs involved, places to visit etc. Travel writing can be a mix of formal and informal writing.
If the writer has enjoyed their experience they might try to persuade the reader to go.
Buzz Words
Target Audience
Compare with written text
How is the power of advertising enhanced through the video clip.
Make a quick list of some of the famous tourist attractions or places in the world that you would like to visit.

Once you have completed your list, share these ideas with your partner.

You then must come up with a combined list of five places total that you and your partner would most like to visit.
Think - Pair - Compromise - Share
Compare the styles of writing.
You have been asked to write a travel article for a popular travel magazine. You have visited one of the destinations on your most wanted visits.
1) Research the place you are going to.
2) Plan your article - description, facts, order of topics you wish to discuss.
3) Write your article - 1 A4 page three paragraphs
4) Check your article
Due Tomorrow
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