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Anthem: Imagine that you are the son or daughter of Equality

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Kelsey Parker

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Anthem: Imagine that you are the son or daughter of Equality

Anthem: Imagine that you are the son or daughter of Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000: What is your life like? Create a visual image of your home. Also include a paragraph describing your parents' focus on education, family life, and your future. What role does pride play in your family?
This is what the outside of my house looks like. It has a big wire fence and my dad says it is there to keep unwanted and unfriendly guests out of our house.
He even restored it on the inside. It looks exactly the way we want it to.
This is our chicken coop where we raise and kill our own food in order to eat it.
My dad even restored our house to make it look beautiful! And it also portrays our personality.
We have a collection of books inside of our house. It is like our own library. My dad says it is in order to learn and educate ourselves so no one can take advantage of our lack of knowledge.
My life is not normal compared to what my parents and their friends say. My dad's name is Prometheus and my mom's name is Gaea. They have raised me to believe that I am an individual and I can make my own choices on my own. To do this, they educate me. In our house we have many books to help with this task. I am far from reading all of them, but that is besides the point. My parents say that they were not allowed to be educated when they were younger, which is why they are teaching me, so I am not taken advantage of. My parents have also taught me that I need to have pride in myself and openly show that, because he says that pride is part of my freedom, that they used to not have. My whole family is close knit, even my parents friends, who my father went back into the city to get. They always thank my father for rescuing them. We all have different opinions and personalities, but instead of trying to change that, we embrace it and we are proud we have those differences. We all respect each of though and we all embrace our differences. From my parents stories, they used to not be able to do that. I hope to expand our family, and introduce more people to our way of life. I think that this type of living is actually a way to enjoy yourself. With our freedom, we can enhance our educational studies. We can learn what we want to learn and do it on our own. My hope is that more people grow up with the same learning process and individualism as I did, and hopefully with time, the things my parents went through will all be in the past.
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