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Galaxy Presentation

No description

Ian Singson

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Galaxy Presentation


The Kibba Galaxy

Adam Arceo,
Ian Singson,
Keilah Nina,
Bernice Barragan,
and Brianna Martinez

Size-11,458 km
Temperature- 7,000 kelvin
Type of star: White dwarf

Name- Molten
Size- 4,267 km
Distance from Olafakus- 0.27 au
Composed Of- lava,rock,dust
Moons- none
Climate- Extremely hot
Atmoshphere- Toxic from gases
Name- Midnight
Size-7,819 km
Distance from sun- 0.8 au
Atmosphere- 90% carbon 10% oxygen
Composed Of- Diamonds
Moons- 2
CLimate- Reamains Hot
Name-The Garden
Distance from Olafakus- 1.3 au
Composed Of-Rock,Oceans,Plantlife etc..
Atmosphere-Oxygen, Nitrogen,and Gas
Climate- Earth Like Condtions

Name- Marbolis
Distance from sun-2.7 au
Size-7.562 Km
Composed Of- Marble like rock
Moons- 1
Atmosphere- No Atmosphere
Cliamte- Very hot or very cold

Name- Twinkles
Distance from Sun- 8.4 au
Size- 10,459 km
Climate- cold,icy
Composed Of- helium & methane
Moons- 9
Rings- Yes
Asteriod Belt:
Nicknamed- Rocky Road
Distance from sun- 4.5 au
# of asteriods-Trillions+
Name- Sparkles
Distance from Sun- 6.0 au
Size- 9,438 km
Composed Of- Ammonia Methane (purple-bluish gas)
Moons- 5
Climate- Cold and Icy


Name- Arceo's Comet
Orbit Time- 47 years
Size- 10 km Wide
The Kibba Galaxy
Size- Over 100,000 light years across
Location- 896,578 light years south of the Milky Way
Name Orgin- Its Founders
Type Of Galaxy- Barred Spiral
# Of Stars- Over Thousands of Stars
Black Hole Keeps all these stars in orbit

The Olafakus System
Located On The tip of the Spiral
1 Star, Olafakus
6 planets
An Asteriod Belt
One of the Gardens many
satallites wandering the
vast sea of space
Any Questions
Half the people are called
Children of the Moon
, half are
Sun Shy
Nearly 1 Billion
They plant to get food
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