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Global Warming

No description

Landon Dixon

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming effects ecosystems by driving species to extinction.
Global Warming
Essential Question: How is global warming caused, how does it affect ecosystems, and how can we stop it?
Global Warming

Sub Question 1
How does pollution affect global warming?

Sub Question 2
How do greenhouse gases affect global warming?

Sub Question 3
How does global warming affect the ecosystem?

Sub Question 4
How can we stop global warming?

Some greenhouse gasses include carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane.
Getting rid of one species effects the species that rely on the other to survive.
Animals usually can only survive in one habitat. If that habitat is destroyed, it causes the animals to migrate.
Some animals can't migrate because they rely on their habitat, and some (like the ones that live near the poles) can't find another habitat suitable for them.
Greenhouse gases trap heat on Earth causing the Earth to heat up.
We pollute Green House Gases and this is what causes Global Warming.
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