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The SAT Essay: Mastered

How a clear thesis and detailed support ensure a solid SAT essay score.

Elizabeth Schwind

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of The SAT Essay: Mastered

The SAT Essay: Mastered
Opening sentences should avoid vague statements.
People around are always lying.
Lying has been a topic of much discussion for some time.
Use statements that lead to your thesis.
There are times when knowing the truth can bring pain, suffering and hardship on a person.
Write a clear thesis.
Not Great: Although we are told to only tell the truth, lying always occurs.
Better: I strongly believe that in certain circumstances it is better to lie.
Best: I believe it is okay to lie when protecting a person's emotions or physical safety.
Avoid generalizations.
1. They lead to poor word choice.
If you tell someone something and that person tells another person that thing then the one who the thing is about might be hurt.
Not so good: A guy goes home and finds his wife in a dress that makes her look ugly. It is okay for him to lie so he doesn't hurt her feelings.
2. They aren't persuasive, because you aren't using your ethos -- your personal credibility.
Use a personal anecdote.
On my sixteenth birthday my brother gave me an expensive, hard-to-find video game. Unbeknownst to him, I had already purchased this item weeks ago. I didn't want to hurt his feelings because the gesture was very sincere. I chose to lie and pretend I had never played it.
What is a clear thesis?
1. It responds to the prompt.
2. It is your opinion -- not a blanket statement on the topic.
3. It is specific.
Rules of Conclusion:
1. Restate your thesis.
2. No new information.
3. Review key points.
4. Apply to future.
Other types of support:
1. Example from history.
2. Current event example.
3. Example from literature.
Extra Time?
You have extra time? Really?
Check for:
1. Fragments
2. Run-ons
3. Typos
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